Anna Lupacchino   Lisa Everson

Sam WOW winner 2016Anna Lupacchino has worked as a professional dog trainer since 1998 and is the owner of two dog training businesses, Allstar Agility and The Training Station School for Dogs, both located in Surrey, BC. She is an insightful teacher who is committed to teaching owners how to train their canine companions with a positive and motivational approach to training. Her focus is on the enhancement of the bond and relationship between dog and human companions and her goal as an instructor is to help every handler/dog team reach their full potential.

She teaches all levels of agility classes including, Foundation classes, Starters Familiarization, Advanced and Masters levels. She also teaches all levels of obedience classes, Puppy Socialization to Advanced Obedience including Rally Obedience classes and has many years of experience working with behaviour modification of reactive type dogs, having lived with and trained many rescue dogs who have come to her with difficult pasts. All classes have a strong focus on positive reinforcement based training which promotes motivation and results in a lot of fun for both dog and handler.

Anna is dedicated to her education and keeps it up to date by attending behavioural modification courses, conferences, agility workshops, camps and online courses from many top behaviourists and trainers in the field.

Libby Anna 2012 RegionalsAnna has been very committed to the agility community having served for 8 years as Chair of the AAC Appeal Committee. Since 2010, she has been involved and continues to be involved as a member of the AAC BC/Yukon Regional Championships Organizational Committee and is excited to be involved with the Organizational Committee of the 2017 AAC Nationals. Recently, she earned her AAC Starters/Advanced judging title and has worked as a judge for the past year.

195A7246Agility has been part of Anna’s life since October 2000 when she started agility training with her dogs, Zeena, Brutus and Lewis. She and her husband now live with their 3 shelter/rescue dogs, Sam-WOW!, Liberty and Lucinda-LOO. Each of her dogs have brought their own unique set of training issues to the table and have shown Anna the importance of varying training skills to suit that particular dog’s needs. Because of her ability to train all types of dogs, she has had some notable achievements with each one of her dogs gaining titles in Rally Obedience, Tracking and Agility including, taking 1st place at AAC BC/Yukon Regional Championships with 3 different dogs. She has placed all 4 of her agility competing dogs on podium multiple times and has won many individual events including Steeplechase finals at Regionals and Nationals with both Lewis and Sam-WOW!. Sam-WOW! has competed in 10 Steeplechase finals at Regional/National levels and has won the majority of them. She has just started competing with her youngest dogs, Libby (MADC) and Lucy (ADC) and is looking forward a wonderful training journey with them.


lisa marshall

Lisa has been involved in agility since 2005. She is committed to teaching her students to train their dogs with positive reinforcement training techniques. Lisa teaches Foundation Agility Classes which focus on building good foundation skills for the handler and dog. Foundation skills form the core of agility and Lisa works with the handler/dog team to build a happy confident dog in the class environment, while building on agility skills and learning theory. These classes stress the importance of teaching the dog independent obstacle performance so that the dog can learn to safely perform the obstacles with confidence.

Lisa is a member of the Agility Association of Canada (AAC) and has competed with her dog, Marshall, a border collie, at a Regional and National level. Most recently, she and Marshall placed 1st in Gamblers, 22" specials, at the AAC 2011 Nationals in Ontario.

Dedication to keeping her education updated is foremost and accordingly, Lisa devotes her time attending agility seminars and workshops. She has attended Susan Garrett's Foundation, Handling & Box Work seminars; Jump Clinics with Susan Salo; and attends Outreach and Agility Camp with Kim Collins.

Lisa and her husband, Bob, live with their 2 border collies, Marshall & Maddy, who both compete in agility.


Marshall is a 7 year old Border Collie:

  • Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChC)
  • GOLD Award of Merit
  • Steeplechase Dog of Canada (MSCDC)
  • 2010 AAC National Championship – 13th place 22" Specials Division
  • 2011 AAC Regional Championship 5th place 22" Specials Division
  • 2011 AAC National Championships 1st and 9th place- Gamblers

Maddy is a 5 year old Border Collie:

  • Agility Dog of Canada (ADC)
  • Starters Game Dog of Canada (SGDC)