Allstar Agility


Here are the photos that we want to share with you of Roots through the years.

Just last Thursday afternoon all seemed well with Roots as he had his run through the woods with Brie and Viva. A few short hours later he seemed lame on his right front. The next morning he was worse still so we took him to Kingston Mills Animal Hospital for assessment and tests. The first concern focused on Addison's disease so he was treated for that and blood tests were done. He went to our own vet in the afternoon that day for more tests. Saturday the tests were back and were negative for what was tested.

Since he had a massive dose of steroids on Friday, he seemed to be improving and functioning better Saturday. But Sunday was a different day. Steve ended up taking him to the OVC (Ontario Veterinary College) clinic in Guelph Sunday afternoon. They stabilized him and prepared to do a MRI on him Monday morning. Since the MRI machine was not working that day Steve took him to Mississauga to have it done there. When he went back with Roots to OVC he got the sad news that Roots had a massive tumour on the left side of his brain and nothing could be done for him.

Fiona who was working in Nunavut when she learned he was sick, started home on Sunday night. It is a long way to come and her plane did not arrive in Toronto until 10:20 Monday night. She had asked me to come to OVC, too. I did not think I could drive at first, but then did decide to make every effort, and I was glad I did. Steve, Fiona and I said our farewell to our dear boy Roots and then the vet put him to rest. He is now next to his Mother and Grandmother, but oh my how we miss him.

For the first seven years of his life he was my dog, and along with Tally his mom, we enjoyed training and competing together and he enjoyed hunting with Steve. For the last year and a half he has been Fiona's devoted companion living with her in Vancouver. He made her very happy. All of us feel extremely sad at this time but very thankful to have had Roots in our lives.

We dearly loved that boy and he meant so much to us.