Allstar Agility


Heart of a Champion

Jan 1999 to Oct 27, 2011 

It is with great sadness that I let you all know that Scott & I said our final goodbye to Lewis this past Thursday evening. He has left a very large physical void in my life but his spirit fills my heart and I know the hearts of many. 

Some of you (who are on Facebook) will have seen the post I made after he passed. Many people saw Lewis in different ways, some saw him as a Regional Agility Champion; some as Lewis The Paralyzed Dog or The Wheelchair Dog; but I hope most will see him as an inspiration because he was so much more in his life.


For those of you who knew, I had been trying to help Lewis with a bladder infection for the past 8 weeks. He kept getting sick on the antibiotics we were giving him and so we tried a couple of different ones but he kept coming off his food. Of course, I had a hunch that it most likely was something more but of course, you never want to admit it. But those of you who are close to me heard me say that I thought he was getting ready to leave us. And he did.... but he was so sweet about it because on Thursday night when my husband, Scott, was frantically texting me to get home as soon as I could after teaching, Lewis waiting for me to get home. He perked up when I walked through the door and lifted his head to get his cuddles but when I picked him up, I realized that his belly was swollen and I knew it was his time. We drove him to Langley Emerg (all the while, he kept bunting my hand to continue to pet him and he was alert and watching me and even braced himself when Scott was driving like a maniac to get him to the clinic). But when the vet told us after they performed an ultrasound that Lewis had a tumour in his belly which had ruptured and he was bleeding internally, we knew we needed to say goodbye. The vet was kind and helped him and he passed in my arms while we told him we loved him and I thanked him for all that he's given us.

I will pay a proper tribute to him in time but I wanted you all to know. Below is a link to my photos on Facebook. Hopefully, you can click and view and see that he led a really full life. He was everything to me – not just a dog. .....Anna


Facebook Tribute to Lewis